July 5-13, 2018: Celebrating 79 Years of Ministry

Taylor County Campmeeting begins the first Thursday of July and runs for 8 days.

Download messages from 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and Missionary Days.

Sermons from the 2017 Taylor County Campmeeting

Rev. David Gallimore and Rev. Jack French are the preachers, with Jack French leading the Bible study.  See their biographical  information by clicking on the Evangelists or speakers tabs.

Missionary Laura Lea Sims serves on the American Indian Field for WGM.  

Missionaries Josh and Kelly Hallahan serve in Uganda for WGM.

Michel Khalil, a special guest for Missionary Day, shared his testimony on Monday afternoon.  Michel is the newest member to WGM's executive team, and will be helping WGM develop strategic partnerships in order to more effectively reach out to Muslim peoples around the world.  He was born in Egypt and came to Christ at the age of 6.  StepForward Global Ministries is the name of his organization.

Rev. David Dean was the preacher at the evening service on Missionary Day.  He is Director of Church Relations at Ohio Christian University, Circleville, OH.


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# Date Day Speaker Title Scripture Link
01 7/6 Thu Rev. David Gallimore  "Let's Just Start with Jesus"

 Phil. 3:1-11

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02 7/7  Fri

Bible Study

 "Living Through Circumstances"  Phil. 1:12ff

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03 7/7 Fri

Rev. David Gallimore

"8 Things that Need to Happen Everytime We Come to Church"  Psalm 100  Listen Now
04 7/7 Fri

Rev. Jack French 

"What Happened to Brother John?"  I John 2:1ff  Listen Now
05 7/8  Sat Bible Study "Jesus is Everything"   Philippians

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06 7/8 Sat Rev. David Gallimore   "Jonah, the Rebel God Used"  Jonah Listen Now
07 7/8 Sat Rev. Jack French  "The Sources of the Spirit of Praise" 



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08 7/9 Sun Bible Study "Rejoice in Other's Partnerships"  Phil. 1:3ff 

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09 7/9 Sun Rev. David Gallimore  "Dealing with Satan"  Ephesians 6:10-18  Listen Now
10 7/9 Sun Rev. David Gallimore  "A Whole Lot of Shaking Going On"  Heb. 12:26-29  Listen Now
11 7/10 Mon


Josh & Kelly Hallahan--Uganda 


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12 7/10 Mon Missionary Laura Lea Sims--American Indian Field   Listen Now
  7/10 Mon Special Testimony Michel Khalil   Listen Now
13 7/10 Mon Missionary

Laura Lea Sims--Josh & Kelly Hallahan

Rev. David Dean--"The Power of One" 

Phil. 3:7-11  Listen Now 
14 7/11 Tues Bible Study "Living Through Difficulty--Surrender"  Phil. 2:1ff  Listen Now
15 7/11 Tues Rev. David Gallimore  "Dying to Live"  John 13:38-14:17   Listen Now
16 7/11 Tues Rev. Jack French  "Living Sacrifice"  Rom. 12:1-2  Listen Now
17 7/12 Wed Bible Study 

"Set Your Life to Be Forward Looking" 

Phil. 3:10-14  Listen Now
18 7/12 Wed Rev. David Gallimore  "A Simon Spirit"  Luke 7:36-50  Listen Now
19 7/12 Wed Rev. David Gallimore  "The Price He Paid"  John 19:16-18  Listen Now
20 7/13 Thur Bible Study  "Substitute Prayer for Anxiety"  Phil. 4:4-8  Listen Now
21 7/13 Thur Rev. David Gallimore  "Pierced Ears"        (selected verses)

Deut. 15

Rom. 11:33-12:2 

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22 7/13 Thur

Rev. Harley Gentry 

Harley's Spiritual Journey  

(youth night) 

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23 7/14 Fri Bible Study

"Faith or Accumulation" 

Phil. 4:10-18  Listen Now
24 7/14 Fri  Rev. David Gallimore "New Wineskins for the Holy Spirit"   Luke 5:1-39 Listen Now
25 7/14 Fri Rev. David Gallimore  "You're It!" 

I Cor 9 & 10


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