July 5-13, 2018: Celebrating 79 Years of Ministry

Taylor County Campmeeting begins the first Thursday of July and runs for 8 days.

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Sermons from the 2015 Taylor County Campmeeting

 Dr. Dan Schafer is the Bible Teacher and Evangelist.  He is currently the CFO and COO for Shepherd Community Center in Indianapolis, IN.  He is an ordained minister, missionary, administrator and student of God's Holy Word.  He is passionate about ministry, missions, preaching the Word of God, and making a difference in the lives of people.  He is married to Pam and they have two adult children with six grandchildren. His full biography is found by clicking on "Evangelists" in the left hand column.

Dr. Roy Lauter is the Evangelist for this 2015 encampment.  He has taught Education at Asbury University for 31 years.  He has a passion for education, missions, missionary work, and helping students find their Godly calling.  He has led revivals, youth retreats, family retreats, and missionary conferences.  He started Hew Hope International Ministries, through which hundreds of Asbury students have gone on short term mission trips, and at least 35 have become full-time missionaries.  He is married to Sue and they have one daughter and two grandsons.  His full biography is found by clicking on "Evangelists" in the left hand column.

Rev. David Spencer is a close friend of Roy Lauter from Kentucky.  Roy asked David to preach on Friday morning, July 3rd.

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# Date Day Speaker Title Scripture Link
01 7/2 Thu Dr. Roy Lauter  Jumping Jehoshaphat   Listen Now
02 7/3  Fri

Bible Study

Mistake of An Arrogant Attitude  Matt 21:1-9 

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03 7/3 Fri

Rev. David Spencer

 Holy Sanctification   Listen Now
04 7/4  Sat Bible Study Mistake of Seeking Vengeance  Gen 34 

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05 7/4 Sat Dr. Roy Lauter The Pendulum    Listen Now
06 7/4 Sat Dr. Dan Schafer When You've Given Up All Hope of Really Being Any Different  Ezekiel 36  Listen Now
07 7/5 Sun Bible Study  Mistake of Ignoring Sin 2 Sam 13:1-23, 28-32 

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08 7/5 Sun Dr. Roy Lauter There is a Death in the Land and Poison in the Pot   Listen Now
09 7/5 Sun Dr. Roy Lauter Blind Bartimaus    Listen Now
  7/6 Mon

Missionary Day 

Missionary Messages were not recorded 


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13 7/7 Tues

Bible Study 

 Mistake of Limiting Forgiveness

Matt 18:21-35  Listen Now
14 7/7 Tues Dr. Roy Lauter Parables    Listen Now
15 7/7 Tues Dr. Dan Schafer Moses on the Back Side of the Desert    Listen Now
16 7/8 Wed Bible Study 

 Mistake of Allowing Grace to Become a License to Sin

Rom 6:1-2, 15-19  Listen Now
17 7/8 Wed Dr. Roy Lauter  There is a Peter in Every Simon   Listen Now
18 7/8 Wed Dr. Roy Lauter The Snake's in Trouble    Listen Now
19 7/9 Thur Bible Study   Mistake of Righting Every Wrong I Cor 6:1-11  Listen Now
20 7/9 Thur Dr. Roy Lauter

Salinity of the Soul


  Listen Now
21 7/9 Thur

Harley Gentry

Youth Night    


Mark 8:27-37  Listen Now
22 7/10 Fri Bible Study

Mistake of Rejecting Forgiveness  


Luke 23:32-43  Listen Now
23 7/10 Fri Dr. Roy Lauter

The Symbol of the Rooster  


  Listen Now
24 7/10 Fri Dr. Dan Schafer

Give the Prisoners Food & Water  



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