July 5-13, 2018: Celebrating 79 Years of Ministry

Taylor County Campmeeting begins the first Thursday of July and runs for 8 days.

Download messages from 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and Missionary Days.

Sermons from the 2014 Taylor County Campmeeting

Bible Study Teacher and Evangelist: Dr. John Neihof is the President of Wesley Biblical Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi.  He is an ordained elder in the Kentucky Mountain Holiness Association and served as professor of communications and college administrator at the Kentucky Mountain Bible College.  John also serves the Lord and the church as an evangelist, song evangelist, and conference speaker.

Evangelist Rev. George Holley  served as pastor of the Crown City Wesleyan Church and he was ordained in the Wesleyan Church in 1991.  In 2002, after much prayer, George felt led of the Lord to be a full-time evangelist.  He currently is preaching in revivals, camp meetings, and other special services to all groups and denominations  who are interested in hearing the message of Jesus Christ that offers forgiveness, cleansing, and hope.


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# Date Day Speaker Title Scripture Link
01 7/3 Thu  Rev. George Holley

Battling Amalekites

(The Flesh)

 Exodus 17 Listen Now
02 7/4  Fri

Bible Study


Mark 11:22-26

Listen Now

03 7/4 Fri

 Rev. George Holley

Road of Discouragement

(Road to Emmaus)

 Luke 24:13-19 Listen Now
04 7/5  Sat Bible Study 

Legacy--Dont' Go Back 

Numbers 10:29-36 

Listen Now

05 7/5 Sat Rev. George Holley Avoid Being Devoured  I Peter 5:5-9 Listen Now
06 7/5 Sat Dr. John Neihof  Lover or Loser? John 12:23-26  Listen Now
07 7/6 Sun Bible Study


Leviticus 10:1-11

Listen Now

08 7/6 Sun Rev. George Holley  What Does This Mean?  Acts 2:1-12  Listen Now
09 7/6 Sun Rev. George Holley  Having a Purposed Heart  Daniel 1:1-16  Listen Now
12 7/7 Mon

Dr. Hubert Harriman

World Gospel Mission 

Missionary Message and



Listen Now

13 7/8 Tues

Bible Study 

Jonah and the Bitter Blues

Part 1 

Jonah 4  Listen Now
14 7/8 Tues Rev. George Holley 

Doubting Castle

Dealing with Doubt 

Matthew 11:1-3  Listen Now
15 7/8 Tues Dr. John Neihof 

Being Sincere

Seeing Clear Through 

 Philippians 1:9-11 Listen Now
16 7/9 Wed Bible Study 

Jonah and the Bitter Blues

Part 2-Cycle of Bitterness

Jonah 4  Listen Now
17 7/9 Wed Rev. George Holley  Perilous Times  I Timothy 3:1  Listen Now
18 7/9 Wed Dr. John Neihof  Is Holiness Optional?  Hebrews 12:14-17  Listen Now
19 7/10 Thur Bible Study  How To Keep Sanctified  Leviticus 6:8-13  Listen Now
20 7/10 Thur Dr. John Neihof  You are God's Dream House 

Acts 2:1-4 

Listen Now
21 7/10 Thur

Joel Libramento

Youth Service 

#DSD Challenge

Do Something Different 

Mark 5:21-43  Listen Now
22 7/11 Fri Rev. George Holley  Mature Faith  Hebrews 11:32-40  Listen Now
23 7/11 Fri Rev. George Holley  Carrying Burdens  Numbers 11:10-23  Listen Now
24 7/11 Fri Rev. George Holley 

Choices and Decisions 

Genesis 12 & 13 Selected 

Listen Now