July 5-13, 2018: Celebrating 79 Years of Ministry

Taylor County Campmeeting begins the first Thursday of July and runs for 8 days.

Download messages from 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and Missionary Days.

Sermons from the 2012 Taylor County Campmeeting

Bible Study Teacher and EvangelistDr. Mark Smith, President of Ohio Christian University since 2006, Circleville, OH.  Dr. Smith is an educator, preacher, pastor, academic administrator, and leader. He received his doctorate in Higher Education and Administration from West Virginia University and completed the Institute of Educational Management at Harvard University.

Evangelist: Dr. Bert Jones, President & CEO of GO InterNational since 2007, Wilmore, KY.  He has a passion for preaching and leadership. Dr. Jones travels extensively nationally and internationally to preach and represent the ministries of GO.

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# Date Day Speaker Title Scripture Link
01 7/5 Thu Smith God's Grace Eph 2:1-7 Listen Now
02 7/6  Fri Smith Bible Study-Sermon on the Mount Matthew 5:1 Listen Now
03 7/6 Fri Jones "Is It I?" Matt 26:17-15, 31-35 Listen Now
04 7/7  Sat Smith Bible Study-First Beatitude Matthew 5:3 Listen Now
05 7/7 Sat Jones 7 Things to Remember I Samuel 15:35-16:13 Listen Now
06 7/7 Sat Smith Truth-How the Mighty Fall in Battle II Samuel 1:17-20 Listen Now
07 7/8 Sun Smith Bible Study-Mourn and Meek Matthew 5:4-5 Listen Now
08 7/8 Sun Jones The Cross of Calvary Luke 23:26-49 Listen Now
09 7/8 Sun Smith The Fullness of God Ephesians 3:14-19 Listen Now
12 7/9 Mon Jones Parable of My Three Sons Matthew 21:28-32 Listen Now
13 7/10 Tues Smith Bible Study-Hunger and Thurst Matthew 5:6 Listen Now
14 7/10 Tues Jones O Ye of Little Faith Luke 8:1-8 Listen Now
15 7/10 Tues Smith Be Holy I Peter 1:13-16 Listen Now
16 7/11 Wed Smith Bible Study-Merciful Matthew 5:7 Listen Now
17 7/11 Wed Jones Two Lost Sons Luke 15:11-32 Listen Now
18 7/11 Wed Jones Careless Little Faith Matthew 17:14-21 Listen Now
19 7/12 Thur Smith Bible Study-Peacemakers Matthew 5:9 Listen Now
20 7/12 Thur Jones This is a Test I Peter 4:12-16 Listen Now
21 7/12 Thur Smith Heaven, Our Home John 14:1-14 Listen Now
22 7/13 Fri Jones 6 Ways to Pray for Missions Selected Listen Now
23 7/13 Fri Jones How the Holy Spirit is Given Acts 8:9-23 Listen Now
24 7/13 Fri Jones Blessed Assurance I John 5:6-13 Listen Now